The Angel and The Girl are Met

Oil on canvas

380mm x 760mm


NZ $950

Postcards Available

In 2004 I began creating paintings based around religious icons and ancient scripture. The Angel and The Girl are Met was inspired by one of Fra Angelico’s depictions of the Annunciation. The title is from the opening line of Edwin Muir’s poignant and moving poem The Annunciation. The figures are painted in a medieval naïve style in keeping with the iconic theme.

2 thoughts on “The Angel and The Girl are Met

  1. Hi Sarah Jane
    Love your work …I’m really keen on this painting in particular.. will have to think about it.
    Liz Wilson

  2. Hi Elizabeth,
    Many thanks for your interest in my work. The paintings are very rich in content and very detailed. Much love, dedication, and time goes into my work. This piece is due to be exhibited at Kaan Zamaan gallery in Kerikeri next month in August. Should you be interested in this piece or would like some cross-sections e-mailed to you please let me know. Look forward to hearing from you further.
    Sandra Jane

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