The Gifts My Angels Gave Me – Solo Exhibition

The Gifts My Angles Gave Me - Flyier (Large)

I am set to open my 3rd annual exhibition at South Sea Art Gallery in Russell on December 13th; ‘The Gifts My Angels Gave Me’ – a selection of new oil paintings.
The show will run until the close of January 2015 and is a cash and carry event if needed.

2014 has been a hugely productive and insightful painting year for me.
Suffering the debilitations and pain associated with a freak auto-immune disease in late 2013 certainly shifted my focus and abilities as an artist.
It was through these 8 months of bed-ridden illness that I have arrived at where I am now.
I discovered a new painting platform deep inside, and a yearning and drive to rise above all and fight it out. I have always painted from a spiritual place, yet this drove me to an even deeper level. Words cannot express this place of wonder.

The most of my work for the year has been comprised of large commissions, which were harrowing at the time, due to my physical limitations, yet looking back now, what a blessing to have conquered ‘the beast’ so to speak and to have moved my art into a new arena and furthered international clients and sales.

Previously I have continued along one theme for the year, exploring in depth and detail the faces behind that theme and what courses beneath the skin in an evocative and visual way as I see and feel it and in turn paint it. This year I sidelined and explored 4 predominant themes.

My study of Angels and Faces as Icons will always be a deep part of me, it was welcoming and challenging to continue along with this, discovering many more emotive strings that needed creating onto my canvases.
The beauty and strength, solace of the Geisha was also very much a part of this year, working on a whole series and commissions that followed. This was very rewarding in the aftermath of my illness. I have two paintings included in this exhibition which are indicative of this.
After having a vision of a massive weeping Buddha as a painting, on seeing a small stone statue in one of my client’s gardens, gave birth to my most significant painting to date in my art career; The weeping Buddha, For the Buddha Wept.
I chose to create him in a style of my tippy-headed angels, beseeching.
I have 2 other smaller Buddha-inspired paintings in this exhibition.
The fourth predominant theme for the year was the discovery through a dream sequence of the Rusalki. Rusalkas or Rusalki are the Slavic counterpart of the Greek sereines. Rusalkas are said to inhabit lakes and rivers. As I have explored mermaids previously, this collection was a wondrous and highly emotional commitment.
I have several Rusalki in this exhibition and the first in the series which has been recently sold, will feature too, as it is a necessary piece within this theme and was my starting point.

I have had a rich and highly successful year contesting and beating all odds both physically and creatively. I am proud to share with you this diverse representation of my 2014 year.
I have much planned for the coming art year both here in New Zealand and abroad



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This exhibition ‘Thirty New Paintings and more’ at South Sea Art Gallery, Russell will be my second annual exhibition for the summer duration.

I have over 35 new oil paintings, predominantly small works on exhibition. These paintings include new works from the various series I am currently working on; ‘The Saints’, ‘Devotions to the Seven Sorrows’, ‘Unto the River’ –Virginia Woolf tribute, and ‘Through Illness and Anxiety’. There is also a range of eclectic works dedicated to the Mexican Sacred Heart and also several complementary larger retrospective works on exhibition.

A selection of my latest postcards and Bohemian Card Range will also be available.

This exhibition is a cash and carry event, ideal for the upcoming festive and tourist season and runs until the end of January 2013.

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“Cash & Carry”exhibition @ Hangar Gallery 402 Kamo Road Whangarei Hangar Gallery proudly presents their annual group art exhibition and invites the public to “Cash & Carry 2012.” Hangar Miniatures Show has morphed into “Cash & Carry,” an exhibition where buyers can purchase and take works when it suits them. The eclectic ‘Chaos Salon’ style presentation and welcoming attitude of Hangar Gallery enhances the show. The Exhibition is a melting pot where ‘Object d Art’ hangs along side encaustic wax works, and fine art landscapes beside contemporary prints to create visual ‘eye candy’. “This inclusive exhibition is about supporting our local art community says Megan, “Cash & Carry” is about affordability, and an opportunity to purchase bespoke original art work for Christmas.” Exhibition preview 5:30pm Friday 23rd November 2012. Hangar Frames and Gallery 402 Kamo Road. There will be live music. “Cash & Carry” will run until 31st January 2013.

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This is my third annual exhibition at LA Imports, Auckland.

A fantastic concept design showroom nestled in the heart of Ellerslie’s industrial area. I love the eclectic and rustic surroundings, ranging from authentic Mexican to European colonial style furniture and furnishings, as a backdrop for my art. It really comes alive here and you are able to view and feel it in natural complimentary surroundings as an alternative to the white-wall space of a gallery.

I have over 30 new oil paintings, predominantly small works on exhibition, alongside a selection of my latest postcards and Bohemian Card Range.

This exhibition is a cash and carry event, ideal for the upcoming festive season and runs for 3 weeks during weekdays. All furniture, accessories, icons and collectables from the showroom are available to the public to purchase.

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This will be the first time I have exhibited at Gallery59 in Tauranga. I have two new oil paintings on show in their the annual ‘Minis-Group Show’ opening this Thursday at 5:30pm. If you’re in the Tauranga area please stop in and visit the gallery. The show runs until the 31st of December. Click below to see the images of the two works on show.

‘Let Fall a Shower of Roses’ … and from heaven shall I tend to thee

‘And The Angel Wept’ … may my love burn ever upon your lips. Let your fire be born from my sacred tears

Upcoming Exhibitions

I have three new paintings on exhibition at ‘Pink’. The exhibition is in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness month in which there will also be a fundraiser taking place. I shall be there for the opening on Saturday 27th – Love to see you here !

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This year at the ARTFUSIONS 16th Annual Exhibition I am exhibiting a selection of mini canvases of Angels, Icons and Sacred Hearts alongside a range of my unique Bohemian Cards. These will all be for sale in the Boutique at Carmel College from 14 – 16 September 2012.

Upcoming Exhibitions

I shall be attending the Gala evening at The Baradene College 2012 Art Show, in Remuera, on Friday 18th May. I have four oil paintings on exhibit and hope to see you there.

Simultaneously this weekend is the Original Art Sale annual Showcase in Manukau where I also have four oil paintings for sale.

I hope you will be able to attend for what appears to be a wonderful display of eclectic New Zealand art in Auckland this weekend.